Apr 28

Pierson Fode Dishes On His Emmy Nomination (+ Who He’s Taking As His Date!)


Major news, Popmaniacs — The Bold and the Beautiful star Pierson Fodé stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for an exclusive on camera interview and it was seriously everything! The Washington state native spilled major acting deets to us about everything from what it’s like memorizing lines for a soap opera, to the villainous role he’s dying to play next! We got to know Pierson better than ever before. Not only is Pierson one of our favorite actors, he’s also one of the coolest celebs we’ve ever met! We could have hung out with him all day.

While Pierson was in our office, he got pumped for this weekend’s Daytime Emmy’s with us! ICYMI, Pierson is nominated for the second year in a row for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series. Legit, we cracked up laughing when Pierson described the plot line that he was nominated for. TBH, we totally agree that he should receive an Emmy nomination based on his description alone!

We basically died from cuteness when Pierson told us who he’s planning on taking as his Emmy’s date. Get ready for this — he’s taking his parents! Seriously, could he get any dreamier?!

Popmaniacs — what do YOU think about Pierson’s Emmy interview? Tell us your favorite moment in the comments below!