Sep 25

There’s Going To Be A Pretty Little Liars Spinoff! Here’s What To Know


There was a major void left in our hearts after Pretty Little Liars ended earlier this year. For seven amazing seasons we followed the liars through thick and thin. Not being able to catch up on PLL every week has been a major lifestyle change. So we’re beyond excited to announce some breaking news — there will officially be a Pretty Little Liars spinoff series! Here’s what to know so far:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freeform has officially picked up a Pretty Little Liars spinoff from the legendary showrunner Marlene King along with the series author Sara Shepard. The series will be called The Perfectionists and PLL alums Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish have already signed on to star in the series as their characters Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal. So. Much. YES.

The show will be set in the town of Beacon Heights, a perfect suburb that is turned upside down by the town’s first ever murder. With Marlene King behind the show, we’re positive that it’ll be jam packed with drama and intrigue. One thing’s for certain — it’s going to be good.

So far Sasha and Janel are the only characters from PLL signed on to be in The Perfectionists, but you never know what other familiar faces may pop up! Considering that the spinoff will tie into Pretty Little Liars, that leaves a lot of room for our other favorite liars to make cameos.

It has yet to be revealed when we can expect to binge watch The Perfectionists on our couches. We’ll keep you posted on every update as we get them, Popmaniacs.

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