May 10

Here’s Why Ross Lynch Refused To Sing Lead Vocals On One Of R5’s New Songs


We’re counting down the seconds until R5 releases their highly anticipated New Addictions EP on May 12. The band has already released snippets from all five songs and it’s giving us life. There’s no denying that Ross, Rocky, Rydel, Riker Lynch and Ellington Ratliff have adopted a brand new sound and we’re loving it so far. It turns out, there’s a reason why the songs on New Addictions sound completely different from Sometime Last Night — there’s a different formula that they were made under! Here’s the story behind one of the main songs from the EP…

It turns out that Rocky tried to get Ross to sing the lead vocals on “Lay Your Head Down,” but Ross refused! In an interview with JustJaredJr, Rocky told the story behind the song. ““Ross was filming a movie and he usually starts the melodies while I’m doing more the production side of things and he wasn’t there,” Rocky dished. “I started making this song, because someone wasn’t there to sing and I [just] ended up singing whatever was happening while doing the production side as well.” We’re so glad that fate made this happen because the snippet from “Lay Your Head Down” is one of our favorites!

Rocky didn’t intend to sing lead vocals on the song. “I was basically forced to write this song on my own and sing it because no one else was there. By the time that Ross got back and I played it for him, everyone was like ‘Yo, you have to sing this Rocky’.” It turns out that even Ross wanted Rocky to sing the track. Ross told JJJ his side of the story: “He kept trying to make me sing it and I was like ‘Bro, no way I’m singing this song. It’s your song’.”

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