Apr 26

R5 Just Shared Not Just 1… But 3 Of Their Brand New Songs!


Can Music Wednesday please be a thing?! R5 just took to their Instagram to give a MAJOR new music surprise to their fans and it’s giving us life. The babes have been teasing their new album New Addictions like crazy, but today reached new heights. The band posted not just one, not just two, but three whole song teasers on Insta! You might want to take a seat before we go any further, because it only gets better and better.

R5 shared three tracks off of their upcoming New Addictions album: “Lay Your Head Down,” “Red Velvet,” and “IF.” The full length album doesn’t come out until May 12, so we’re beyond psyched to have these teasers to hold us over until then.

These tracks are seriously ahmazing. “Red Velvet” is a total rock ‘n roll love song, “IF” is ultra funky, and “Lay Your Head Down” has a bluesy retro feel. We have a feeling that New Addictions will have a song for every different type of mood. Basically, it’s destined to be the best album ever. How could it not be with spoilers like these??

Along with the song teasers, R5 also released mini video clips to accompany each song! We can’t help but wonder — are these sneak peeks of the music videos?! And if these aren’t from the video shoots, where is the footage from?? Can we expect some other sort of video to be released from the band in the near future? WE NEED ANSWERS!

Popmaniacs — which of R5’s new music snippets is YOUR favorite? Tell us which song you can’t wait to listen to the full version of in the comments below!