Feb 19

WATCH: The Lyric Video For R5’s New Single “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight”


The siblings (and BFF) of R5 have wowed us again with another awesome single! Their newest release, “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” is upbeat, romantic and WAY catchy.

Siblings Ross, Riker, Rydell and Rocky Lynch and BFF Ratliff Ellington have officially created our new-crush anthem.

“Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” is about meeting a special someone, and feeling like you’re the only two in the room! Our fave lyrics of the song are: “It feels like we’re the only ones alone in the crowd — chat college and politics in time that we spend,” and “You look back and you say you think you lost all your friends. And I’m hoping that it’s all my fault.”

Listen to “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” right above.

Sooo catchy and amazing, right?!

This Los Angeles based band is also known for their other rockin’ singles like “Heart Made Up On You,” “Smile” “Pass Me By” and “(I Can’t) Forget About You.” But “:et’s Not Be Alone Tonight” is by far our new fave!

Curious about just why R5’s new song is amazing? It’s because they all work so well together, of course!

“We were always meant to be on stage together. When we were really little, we’d put on shows in the basement. Our mom would get on the phone and invite all our relatives to come over. We charged family members a dollar to watch us,” Rocky told Mirror UK.

We are SO glad that R5 followed their childhood dreams to become musicians — or else we would never be so lucky to listen to “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight!”

According to Billboard, R5 is releasing an album this Spring! And from the sound of “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight,” we have a pretttyyyy strong feeling that it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

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