Nov 01

Rainbow Hair For Fall: Love or Loathe It?


As the seasons change, so does your hair and makeup routine. This time of year can be SO rough for skin, nails and hair! Cooler temperatures mean a dryer face and rough locks, which basically means looking cute is a LOT more difficult.

When the leaves start to fall, most people run to ponytails and darker lip colors, but not Demi Lovato. The songstress is actually rocking bright blue and pink locks this fall — and we totally admire her for it. She “Really Don’t Care” what the beauty rules of the season are!

Demi’s rainbow-hued strands are like a party… in her hair. We think her neon strands are shocking — in the good way — and a really fun departure from the usual greens/browns/beiges of the season.

Then again, we gotta wonder if having bright locks in the fall and winter is actually do-able for those of us who don’t sing on stage every night.
But what do YOU think? We want to know if you’d rock rainbow strands at this time of year. Let us know if you love or loathe this rockstar look in the comments section below.