Dec 23

Madison Iseman, Sabrina Carpenter Actors We NEED To Guest Star On ‘Riverdale’


We don’t even know how we ever lived before Riverdale came into our lives. The show has completely taken over every single thing we think about and we mean that in the best way possible. Not only are the outfits and drama everything, but we’re obsessed with ever single one of the show’s stars. Majority of the actors on Riverdale were basically unknown before the show started airing, but have since reached superstardom. That’s why we’re dying to see these actors guest star on Riverdale! Here’s who we think would be an amazing addition to the show:

Ryan Destiny: The Star actress can do it all. She can act, dance, and sing. That’s why we think she’d be perfect to join Riverdale as one of the Pussycats! Any show that Ryan’s on is a total hit.

Madison Iseman: We love Madison for a million reasons. There’s no denying what a talented actress she is. The babe’s skills would be an amazing addition to the Riverdale cast. She’d totally rock a River Vixens costume like nobody’s business.

Sofia Carson: The Descendants star could totally be Veronica’s long lost sister! We’d give anything to see the on screen chemistry between Sofia and Camila Mendes.

Sabrina Carpenter: The entire world is desperately waiting for Sabrina to be added into the series as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There’s no one more fitting for this role! It would be magical if Sab joined the show.

Popmaniacs — who do YOU want to guest star on Riverdale? Tell us in the comments below!