Feb 25

Which Rixton Boy Wishes He Was Harry Styles?


Boy bands are just like us! To our surprise, a super-envious member of the English pop/R&B band Rixton admitted to wishing that he were Harry Styles! Harry is a gorgeous, talented and well-dressed musician — who wouldn’t want to be him? Well, Charley Bagnall sure isn’t afraid to spill his wishes to be like the One Direction star! Read on to find out the full scoop on Charley’s funny comment.

In a video with PopSugar, the band gave four die-hard Rixton fans a sneak preview of their new single, “Speakerphone,” that will be released with their new upcoming album Let The Road.

In the video, Rixton asks the four girls what they thought of “Speakerphone.” Well, they were as obsessed as we are! When Rixton asked them how they liked the song, one of the girls said “Everything!” Same, girl. Same.

After the girls shared their thoughts on the new song, Charley took his turn to say how he feels about the song. Well, kinda. All Charley had to say about “Speakerphone” was, “I wish I was Harry Styles.” Like we said before, who wouldn’t wanna be? Thanks you’re your honesty, Charley. ‘Cause most dudes would never admit that (even though they all think it)!

On top of talking about their thought on the song, Rixton asked the girls to rate it on a scale of 1-10. And, of course, each girl gave “Speakerphone” a verryyy high rating! The boys started a list of each song that will be on their new album, giving a certain number/40 rating on each one. And from the looks of the ratings, “Let The Road” looks like it’s gonna be REAL good!

Watch the video and listen to the sneak preview of “Speakerphone” right here.

Make sure to get your hands on Rixton’s debut album Let The Road, available worldwide March 3!

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