Jul 17

EXCLUSIVE: ROZES Dishes On Her Brand New Single ‘Canyons’


Major news, Popmaniacs — singer/songwriter Rozes recently came to our office in sunny Santa Monica for an exclusive interview and it was legit the best afternoon ever! The babe stopped by to dish on everything from her brand new single “Canyons,” to what it’s like writing music with Louis Tomlinson! She even *hula hooped* for us… yep, we told you it was the best afternoon of our lives. Ready for the best part? We’re sharing everything with you! Check it out here:

Rozes just released her latest single “Canyons” and it might be our favorite song from her yet. The song has a super deep meaning about still loving a person even when you disagree with them. Whether you feel that way about a friend or a bae, this message is relatable to everyone!

The song is super visual, we love the entire canyon metaphor. “It’s something where you can see that person on the other side, but you can still feel a distance between you,” Rozes explained to us. Um, have we mentioned that this is our new favorite song? “Obsessed” doesn’t even begin to cover our feelings.

Popmaniacs — are YOU as obsessed with Rozes’ new song “Canyons” as we are? Tell us in the comments below!