Jun 15

Watch Sabrina Carpenter’s Fabulous New Music Video!


Amazing news, Sabrina Carpenter fans! The blonde babe just released her new music video for her oh-so cool song, “Eyes Wide Open.”

The 16-year-old was beyond psyched to release this new vid for fans. “#EyesWideOpen music video IS OUT CAN I GET A WOOP WOOP,” she tweeted soon after the video release. And Sabrina, we are right there with you! The music video has been pretty hyped for a while on Sabrina’s Instagram and Twitter, and trust us – it does NOT disappoint.

The video shows Sabrina wandering into this totally amazing old abandoned hotel, complete with a grand staircase, massive stone pillars, and a gorgeous chandelier. From there, we see Sabrina singing in this super cool wooden room with her rockin’ band.

The whole video is just beautiful, with Sabrina dancing in flowing curtains and strings of huge diamonds suspended from the ceiling. But let’s take a moment to acknowledge how TOTALLY FABULOUS Sab looks in this video. Like seriously, we need to break down her entire look so that we can all appreciate how flawless she is.

First off…THAT GOWN. Ugh. That black, rose, mesh top is perfectly paired with the tulle bottom! We are obsessed with how the dress is short in the front, and then gets long with a seriously elegant train in the back. And of course, her strappy gold high heels are just everything. Don’t even get us started on her INCREDIBLE set of rings she has on…it’s all too much.

Next up, let’s talk about her hair and make-up. We don’t think that it’s even possible for Sabrina to have a bad hair day! She always seems to be rocking perfectly messy waves, and this video is no exception. Perfect hair? Check. And her cat-eye black eyeliner and gold eyeshadow combo make her blue eyes the fiercest thing EVER.

OK – so now we know that Sabrina’s whole look is absolute perfection. And the rest of the video is just as stunning! This is one music video that you’re going to want to keep on repeat over and over to soak in all the beauty (it also helps that the song is totally AMAZE and catchy!)

All right Popmaniacs, are you as obsessed with this music video as we are? Let us know in the comment section below!