Sep 06

Corey Fogelmanis Is Just As Excited For Sabrina’s Album As We Are — See His Texts Here!


We’ve been obsessed with the friendship between Sabrina Carpenter and Corey Fogelmanis for as long as we can remember. These two Girl Meets World stars are beyond supportive of one another’s projects. Nothing showed this more than when Corey sent Sabrina a hilarious text about her upcoming album — see it here!

Need more proof that Corey and Sabrina are just like you and your BFF? They’re always engaging in hilarious text conversations! Corey texted Sabrina this amazing YouTube video of a random person holding a sign that says “Where Is The Album?” Our feelings exactly. We’re so beyond excited for Sabrina to release her new music, and so is Corey!

Sabrina’s response made us lose all chill. She texted back a photo from the recording booth where she looks stunning with zero makeup and is giving Corey a funny face. Um, can we please be included in this text thread? We would die to be in a group chat with these two.

We reached a whole new level of fangirl when Corey texted back that he’s the ultimate Sab stan. “Cool you look tired. I hope you’re pouring your heart into this album for us. I’m playing the role of the audience (twitter stan) surrogate today,” Corey responded. AWW — this is literally everything. Not only do these two celebs support one another, they also stan each other!

We miss seeing Sab and Corey onscreen together in Girl Meets World, but watching them support one another is definitely the next best thing. We wonder if Sabrina has played Corey any of her solo music for his thoughts — can you imagine anything cooler? #BestieGoals.

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