Nov 14

WATCH: Sabrina Carpenter And The Dolan Twins Take An Etiquette Class


Brace yourselves for amazingness, Popmaniacs. Our three favorite people ever, Sabrina Carpenter, Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan, got together to take an etiquette class in London. Needless to say, complete and utter shenanigans ensued and we legit haven’t stopped laughing once. The three took the course for TRL and we’re so happy that the entire thing was caught on camera. Here’s what went down:

It turns out that table etiquette begins before you even sit down at the table! The three celebs took their seats, but Ethan and Grayson were quickly scolded for failing to help Sabrina with her chair. LOL — it didn’t seem like Sab minded too much, especially when the guys scooted her in towards the table.

The hilarity continued when the lesson turned to conversation topics. Words like “snot” and “toilet” were quickly banned by their etiquette teacher. It seemed like these three celebs had trouble finding polite topics of conversation, but in the best way possible.

We were all shocked when the etiquette instructor ruled that cell phones should be kept in the car. “The car?! That’s so far!” Sabrina remarked. Our thoughts exactly, Sab! We can’t imagine being that far away from our phones. What if something hilarious happened and we needed to Snapchat it?

Needless to say, their manners only got worse when it came to eating. The bunch was disappointed when they couldn’t start with scones and desserts, and had to eat their sandwiches first. TBH, those desserts looked so good, we wouldn’t have been able to wait either!

Popmaniacs — what was YOUR favorite moment from Sabrina Carpenter and the Dolan Twins etiquette lesson? Tell us in the comments below!