Feb 26

EXCLUSIVE: 90 Second Beauty + Style Tips With Sabrina Carpenter


Huge news, Popmaniacs — we talked EXCLUSIVELY with Sabrina Carpenter about something major in her life… the release of her BRAND NEW SINGLE! We met up with the blonde babe at a recording studio in LA where she told us everything about her new song “Smoke And Fire” (and we mean everything). We couldn’t love Sabrina more — not only was she the sweetest girl ever, she was so excited to tell all you fans about her new single. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Sabrina more, our obsession reached new heights!

Not only is Sab one of our favorite singers, but she our beauty inspiration every day! S always manages to look classic, gorgeous, and on-trend — AKA she’s completely nailed the beauty game. So obviously while we were hanging out with the singer/actress we had major beauty questions to ask her! She revealed EVERYTHING, like the secret behind her *amazing* brows. Seriously, whether it’s her makeup or her outfits, Sab can do no wrong. She even told us that her *fave* trend of the moment is turtlenecks!

Popmaniacs  — what do YOU think about Sabrina’s beauty and style tips?! Let us know in the comments!