Nov 18

WATCH: Sabrina Carpenter Pranks Citizen Four Onstage!


We CANNOT get over what happened onstage during the Toronto show of Sabrina Carpenter’s EVOLution Tour. Prepare to laugh so hard you fall out of your chair. As we all know, our boys Citizen Four have been doing a killer job opening for Sabrina on the tour so far. But during their set the other night, Sabrina decided to surprise the boys in the most hilarious way possible…wearing a bacon suit.

C4 are known for their awesome covers, so throughout the tour they’ve been performing their cover of Nick Jonas’s “Bacon.” Apparently, Sabrina caught on to this and had the brilliant idea to prank them by running onstage in a full-body bacon costume. Yeah, you read that correctly. A bacon costume. We did not see that one coming.

You might think that this on it’s own is already the perfect prank, but it gets even better. She also had a tray of actual bacon that she handed out to the boys as well as the fans in the audience! This is too good. Sabrina is hilarious and we are officially crowning her the Queen of Pranks. Not to mention she can totally rock a bacon costume. We only wish we could have been there to see all of this as it happened. There are few things that could be better than listening to C4 live, but when you throw in Sabrina Carpenter AND bacon then that’s about as good as it gets.

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Popmaniacs — what do you think of Sabrina’s prank on Citizen Four? How would you have reacted if you were in the audience? Let us know in the comments!