Feb 26

Three Reasons We’re SO Excited For Sabrina Carpenter’s Debut Album!


Sabrina Carpenter is an angelic 15-year-old with killer acting skills and an absolutely beautiful voice. Most of us know Sabrina as an actress on Disney’s Girl Meets World, but lately, she has totally deemed herself as a great singer! On top of releasing her first single, “We’ll Be The Stars,” Sabrina has a debut album on the way called Eyes Wide Open. And we literally can’t wait. Read on to find out the three reasons we’re SO excited to hear Sabrina’s album.

She has always wanted to be a singer:

“I was always singing. When I was about two years old, we have this video of me singing “God Bless America.” I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Music was always there first. It was always a part of me,” Sabrina tells Disney Playlist.

We are SO stoked that Sabrina’s dreams are coming true — especially since she’s doing such a great job at it!

“We’ll Be The Stars” is one of our fave songs ever:

Sabrina’s first single, “We’ll Be The Stars,” is a mixture of her gorgeous vocals and mellow guitar strumming. AKA the best song in the world to listen to when you’re in the mood to just relax! If Sabrina’s other songs on Eyes Wide Open are just as amazing as “We’ll Be The Stars,” we SERIOUSLY can’t wait to hear them all!

The music video for “We’ll Be The Stars” is perfection:

The second-best part of any song is the music video! And Sabrina totally graced us with the most perfectly portrayed music video for “We’ll Be The Stars.” The fun, outdoorsy vibes of the video totally matches how feel when we listen to the song! Which basically means that the music videos Sabrina makes for her other songs on the album will be just as amazing.

Make sure to preorder Sabrina’s debut album Eyes Wide Open before it’s too late! The album will be released on April 21, and you can preorder it right here.

Alright, Popmaniacs — how excited are YOU for Sabrina’s debut album? Let us know in the comments below!