Apr 28

Shawn Mendes Reveals His New Album Release Date!


It’s HERE, Popmaniacs. Shawn Mendes finally broke the silence on his new album’s release date. Nothing but Shawn will be on our minds and in our ears for the next five months. That’s right — Shawn is releasing his new album in September!

Shawn took a break from touring Europe last week to announce the big date in an interview with NRK MP3, a radio station in Oslo, Norway. With an official month now set, we’re even more amped for Shawn’s second album! We literally have no idea what Shawn is going to send our way. We do have a few clues though, courtesy of Shawn’s Twitter game. Apparently the pop star is trying to sound more like a…rock star?! Shawn tweeted in January that his album is going to “have a bunch of electric guitar.” Electric guitar is a far cry from the acoustic strings we heard in Shawn’s hit song “Stitches.” We got a sneak peak of this new sound when Shawn performed one of his new singles, “Ruin,” last month at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, electric guitar in hand! Gone was the pop and in was a total soul jam, the guitar adding extra swoon to Shawn’s voice every time he crooned, “Do I ever cross your mind?” (Yes, Shawn, you do.)

No electric guitar was featured in the other two new singles Shawn previewed. However, “Three Empty Words” and “Like This” carried the same bittersweet feels. Shawn’s new album might be our new rainy day playlist! It looks like the powerful emotion in Shawn’s new songs come from a raw place — he tweeted, “Writing some really special songs.” Shawn is the master at tugging — no, ripping out — our heart strings.

We’re crossing our fingers that the singer blesses us with more new songs on the Shawn Mendes World Tour! Even if he doesn’t, at least Shawn is giving us the chance to snag some tickets to a concert AND meet us. Why are you so good to us, Shawn? In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the next big Shawn event (second to his album release): his performance next month at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards!

Popmaniacs — what are YOU expecting on Shawn’s new album? Tell us what you think in the comments below!