Apr 13

Shawn Mendes Reveals His Tour SURPRISE (Hint: It’s Him Dancing)


We’re totally crazy over Shawn Mendes. We’re so happy his Shawn Mendes World Tour is killin’ it! He’s got tons of surprises in store for all of us and we can’t wait to find out what he’ll do next. Luckily Shawn couldn’t keep all of his tour deets a secret, he took to twitter to spill some major secrets. Popmaniacs get ready to love Shawn even more than you already do!

Shawn took to Twitter to reveal an unexpected addition to his tour. “Adding some things to the set for this run, supa pumped,” he tweeted. Whatever he’s got planned we’re super pumped too! Thankfully it didn’t stop there, Shawn kept tweeting. “All choreography…. Salsa mostly,” he added. WHAT?!? Shawn Mendes is going to salsa! We’re hoping that he’s not playing games with us. We would love to see him dance it out. Our hearts would be needing stitches if we saw Shawn salsa dancing. Actually — how awesome would it be to see him dance any style of dance?! We’re so ready to see his moves! The singer usually keeps it pretty low-key when it comes to dance moves. Maybe Shawn will break out of his ways and break it down during his world tour.

It’s totally cool to see Shawn super passionate about his tour. We know his surprises are going to be epic! We’re totally obsessed with the Canadian singer-songwriter and model! He’s perfect and we love everything about him. Besides pulling off some new dance moves, we’re hoping this cutie uses the tour to sing some new songs. We’re so ready for a new Shawn song, they are all amazing! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Shawn actually salsa dances during his tour. It would be everything we’ve been waiting for.

Popmaniacs — How awesome would it be to see Shawn salsa dancing?! Tell us in the comments below.