May 03

Want To Tour With Shawn? He’s Taking YOU Behind The Scenes


Shawn Mendes just kicked off his mega huge world tour and he’s including you in a major way! If Shawn wasn’t perfect enough already, he has decided to include all of his fans during the Shawn Mendes World Tour by filming behind-the-scenes footage for all to see! He just released the first episode on YouTube and it is amazing. He’s seriously the greatest. He decided to call the footage World Tour Diaries, we’re hoping he’ll release a new episode every week!

In the first episode, it opens to Shawn facing a massive crowd filled with his fans. The video is in strictly black and white and has soft violin music playing in the background, adding a sweetness and seriousness vibe. We also love the fun little notes that pop up in the video that point out funny moments and clue us in on who all of the people are around Shawn, like his bodyguard and monitor engineer.

At one point in the first episode, we see Shawn coming out of his hotel to take tons of pictures with his fans. Shawn is the sweetest for making his fans a priority even when he has a super packed schedule! Later this month, Shawn will be performing at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards and has a new album scheduled to be released in September. We’re so impressed at everything he can juggle!

The video ends with Shawn nervously stepping on stage to perform for his biggest crowd ever, 8,000 in Oslo, Norway. We were so sad when the video ended, but are so excited for what will be included in the next one!

Do you have any moments you’re hoping Shawn will capture for World Tour Diaries? We’re hoping he’ll feature some tour surprises, like his mysterious dance numbers or any special surprise guests.

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