Feb 05

Our Fave Shay Mitchell Instagram Pics Ever!


Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell has reigned supreme on our list of fave selfie queens! On top of being TOTALLY gorg, she’s also way funny — which is why we’re so obsessed with her instas! Read on to find out our absolute favorite Shay Instagram pics!

Teddy Bear Snuggles: Awwww. Have you ever seen a cuter pic? No? Neither have we. Shay is fully aware that teddy bear snuggles are the BEST snuggles. 

Pineapples On Pineapples: Can you say pineapple perfection? Yup — Shay made the seemingly impossible SO possible. Pineapples for days have never looked better!

Dogs vs. Shoes: This video is life. Shoes, puppies, humor — there’s really nothing else we need in life! 

Perf Nail Art: With her super awesome Super Bowl-themed nails, we now know we can always count on Shay to inspire us with cool nail art!

Puppy Love: We love dogs and so does Shay. Even though her pup is a shoe-eating monster, Shay still loves him and we think that’s too cute <3

Gorgeous Scenery: Shay is ALWAYS traveling. And lucky for us, she’s an expert at capturing the beauty wherever she goes! 

Coconuts & Sunglasses: Coconuts have never looked so good — this funny pic of a coconut wearing a hat and sunglasses is priceless.

The CUTEST Outfits: We could show you, like, a million pics of Shay rocking the most amaze get-ups. But we’ll stick with this one, this one and this one (for now)!

Flash Of Culture: During her trip to Bali, Shay snapped many shots of the awesome culture she came across.

Boyfriend Material: This Canadian beauty can pull off ANY look — including the baggy-boyfriend style. Ugh, can we be more like you, Shay?

Adventures In Dubai: To those of us who have never been, seeing Shay’s pics of her Dubai vaycay has made us feel that we’ve been there ourselves. TOO gorgeous.

Cutesie Onesies: A bear onesie. ‘Nuff said. Where can we find this adorbs onesie, Shay? We MUST have. 

Beautiful BFF’s: During her trip to Dubai, Shay lived it up with her besties Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson and Kendall Jenner. Kinddd of jealous.

Baby Lions: *Dead* There’s officially nothing cuter than a lion cub — and Shay shared the cuteness she experienced. Thank you, Shay. Thank you.

Let’s be real here, if you’re not following Shay on Instagram, you’re totally missing out.

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