EXCLUSIVE: Skyler Day Gets Real About Her Kickass New Series Sweet/Vicious

Popmaniacs — we got the chance to catch up with the star of MTV’s new series Sweet/Vicious, Skyler Day! Sweet/Vicious is a series that tackles real issues in a literally kickass way. And Skyler gave us the exclusive scoop behind the show: Popmania: Tell us about your new MTV series Sweet/Vicious! SD: Sweet/Vicious follows two college students, Jules and Ophelia, who moonlight as vigilantes and seek to bring justice for victims of sexual assault on campus. I play Mackenzie Dalton, Jules’ sorority sister. Mackenzie is a fourth generation legacy in the Zeta house and self-proclaimed head of Risk Management. She’s determined to keep the sorority in order, but Jules’ secret life often makes that very difficult. Popmania: What’s your favorite thing about the series? SD: I love how deep the show dives into the issue of sexual assault. Throughout the series you are able see how the survivors, and the people close to them, are affected but also how they heal. Popmania: What’s the cast like? What do you guys do when you’re not busy filming? SD: The cast is AMAZING! They’re all such crazy, talented goofballs and I love each and every one of them. When we’re not filming we go to big group dinners or BBQ. Food brings us together. Popmania: In what way are you similar to your character? How are you different? SD: I’m pretty ambitious and I like to be organized. But I’m definitely more easygoing than … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: Skyler Day Gets Real About Her Kickass New Series Sweet/Vicious