Aug 21

The BEST Celebrity Reactions To The Solar Eclipse 2017


Something huge is happening, Popmaniacs! Today, North America is witnessing a major solar eclipse for the first time since 1979. The moon will block the sun so that only it’s corona will be seen. It’s even necessary to have special solar eclipse glasses for eye safety while looking at the eclipse. People all across the continent are freaking out — including celebrities. Here are our fave celeb reactions to the solar eclipse 2017!

Lilimar“ya girl couldn’t get solar eclipse glasses so she improvised… #CertifiedMoonChild  

Victoria Justice: “In honor of the #solareclipse today… please enjoy. #TotalEclipseOfTheHeart #LipSyncBattle #SolarEclipse2017″ V tweeted along with a throwback video from her Lip Sync Battle performance where she slayed “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. LOL, this song has been stuck in our heads all day.

Calum Worthy“I’m gonna wait and watch the solar eclipse when it comes out on Netflix.” the actor wrote. Um, this is so relatable.

Mackenzie Ziegler“IVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND WHERE I CAN FIND THESE STUPID SOLAR ECLIPSE GLASSES AND I CANT FIND THEM,” Mack wrote. This was totally our struggle, too.

Anna Kendrick: “I’m gonna miss the eclipse and I’m really worried no one is gonna post a crappy picture of it on instagram.” Bahaha, seriously! There’s no need for eclipse FOMO because all of the photos will be on Instagram.

Aidan Alexander“me performing black magic this fine eclipse,” Aidan posted along with a hilarious video of himself. Aidan’s always making us laugh with his on-point tweets.

Popmaniacs — which reaction to the solar eclipse 2017 is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!