Sep 23

5 Artists We Hope Release Solo Songs In The Future


It seems that bands have been the hottest thing on the music charts recently. From our fave pop boybands to the ultimate indie rock bands, it seems that these groups have taken over the music industry like no other. Although we love every single one of them, we would definitely love seeing some of their members releasing a solo work very soon. These are five artists we hope release solo songs in the future:

Perrie Edwards: Since her audition on the X-Factor, we knew that Perrie Edwards was going to be a total household name in music. She fits perfectly alongside her Little Mix bandmates, but we know with them or not, she would definitely rock. Perrie would sound beautiful with a solo ballad featuring amazing strings and piano accompaniment.

Rydel Lynch: Rydell is one talented lady alongside her brothers and boyfriend in R5. Although we love seeing her jam out on stages across the world with her family by her side, it would be incredible to see a solo song from the babe. Her incredible vocals would totally stand out in a soft rock song. Plus with her amazing fashion, we can only imagine how beautiful she would look in a music video for that song.

Lauren Jauregui: Lauren Jauregui has a voice all her own that we can’t get enough of. Every solo within the Fifth Harmony songs showcases how incredible her voice is. She’s done collabs with some of the top artists in music, but we can’t wait until the day she has a solo song. Her raspy voice with a powerhouse energy would make her song unstoppable on the Hot 100 chart.

Brad Simpson: The Vamps steal our hearts with every song they release. We couldn’t help but totally swoon over lead singer Brad Simpson. This heartthrob kept us entranced on his voice along with his performances on the guitar. We could totally see Brad creating the ultimate solo song filled with punk rock vibes.

Reece Bibby: New Hope Club is one of the most talented young bands we have seen in a long time. Each member is filled with passion for music and talent beyond belief. Reece Bobby could create the ultimate tune with his incredible vocal and instrumental skills. Not only is Reece an awesome singer, but he can play the bass, drums and guitar. He could easily create the song of the year that we’d play on repeat every day!

Which of these artists would you want to release a solo song in the future? Let us know why in the comments below!