Jun 19

EXCLUSIVE: Steffan Argus Talks New Music, His TV Role + More


Major news, Popmaniacs — we recently caught up with singer/songwriter/actor Steffan Argus about his brand new EP Lost At Sea, his series The Commute, and oh-so-much more. Ready for the best part? We’re sharing everything with you! Here’s what Steffan shared with us:

Popmania: Tell us about your new EP Lost At Sea!
SA: This body of music is a collection of four songs I have written over the past couple years. These songs represent the beginning of a story I will continue to tell with the rest of my music for years to come. It is fantasy and philosophy and learning to exist as your happiest self. I’m still learning, so I’m glad to be able to take people on this journey with me so we can learn together.

Popmania: What’s been the best moment since releasing the EP?
SA: The best moment since the EP release for me was performing with my band the day of the release. It was my first time doing my own show and it was a dream. Being able to share the energy I always imagined for my music with a crowd of people was such an honor. We were able to connect and feel together. I could feel the love in the air.
Popmania: Do you have a favorite song from the EP?
SA: My favorite song off the EP is “Leaving London.” This is the oldest of the lot and I think that’s exactly why I love it so much. It feels nostalgic and I am a very sentimental person. It makes me feel at home. That being said, my favorite to perform is definitely “Ship in a Bottle.” The energy in that song is electrifying and the guitar solo in the bridge kills me every time.
Popmania: Is there a fun fact about the EP that fans might be surprised to learn?
SA: The EP is actually all one cohesive story. The details are in the songs, but to give a slight overview: It begins with “Leaving London” and then I end up “Lost.” That leads me to the “Ship in a Bottle” which I need to escape from so I “Abandon Ship.”
Popmania: Can fans expect a full length album in the near future? (If so) any hints/spoilers about what it’ll be like?
SA: Absolutely. I have already wrote more than two albums worth of music I want to put out. This is EP is the introduction to the first era of my story that is inspired by Peter Pan. Once this era is complete that will lead into a new universe of music and magic. My very own.
Popmania: Tell us about your role on the show The Commute!
SA: The show follows two teens, Hansen and Emma, and the unlikely romantic relationship that forms between them. I play Hansen, the quirky slightly nerdy kid that doesn’t really get noticed much at school. Emma is the most popular girl at school. When summer comes along, a turn of events brings them both together. Hansen is wise beyond his years and hardly a teen at all on the surface, but when it comes down to it, he is still a kid at heart.