Feb 04

Sunday Style: Your Ultimate Guide To Festival Season


Festival season is almost here, Popmaniacs! Not only is this the season for live music, it’s also our fave fashion time of the year. With so many outfits to plan, it can get overwhelming. That’s why we’re bringing you this guide to festival fashion!

Bandanas: Bandanas have been a huge staple of festival season. While it’s a little *awkward* to wear a flower crown to places like school and the nail salon, bandanas can be worn legit everywhere you go. Rock them around your neck with a tee shirt for a causal look, or pair a bandana with a mini dress for a night out!

Lace: Lots and lots of lace. We’ve been seeing lace of all different colors everywhere during festival season. Trust us — there’s no such thing as too much lace. We’ve been especially loving floor-length lace maxi dresses.

Flowy High Waisted Pants: As obsessed as we are with shorts and sundresses, we’ve been loving the high waisted pants movement! These flowy pants are just as comfortable as they are cute. We’ll be wearing these all summer long.

Cut Outs: Remember when “cut it out!” used to be a bad thing? Not anymore. Cut outs are the way to make any normal outfit instantly cooler. Whether it’s cut outs in a dress, blouse, you name it!

Accessories: The perfect accessories are one of the most important parts of festival fashion. We love festival style because it’s the perfect time to layer on tons and tons of jewelry. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to accessorizing a Coachella look.