Feb 26

Our Seven Fave Tallia Storm Instagram Pics


Instagram is a beautiful place where you can share music, cool videos and hip photos — and 16-year-old singer Tallia Storm has her Instagram game on lock! Read on to find out our top ten fave Instagram pics from Tallia. 

Beautiful Barbados: Ugh, this picture of Tallia in Barbados actually looks like heaven! Blue skies, clear water and Tallia looking REAL hot in super cute bikini set! Staring at the pic makes us feel as if we were on the tropical island right there with her. 

Family Fun: This all-fam selfie of Tallia and her “squad” is not only adorable, it’s SO beautiful! Seriously, though. Look as the crystal-clear blue water behind them! Can we take a tropical vacation with our fam? Like, now? Please? 

Red Carpet Cuteness: During an InStyle UK event, Tallia wore one of the most glamourously unique get-ups we’ve ever scene! She mixes mesh with lace and collars with a cool gown. Oh, and her hair, too. It’s absolutely perfect! 

Fashion On Fleek: OK — wow! For only being 16 years old, Tallia sure has nailed the fashion game! Tallia matches super cute sunnies, a big black bag, blue high-waisted shorts, a red flannel and the COOLEST pair of knee-high black boots. AKA the ultimate trendy look.

Studio Style: Can you say perfection?! Tallia paired polar opposites to complete the coolest outfit of all time. The way Tallia mixed her incredible white pumps with her Calvin Klein sports bra is actually perfection. Studio style has never looked so good!

Summery Smoothies: Yummm… a super-delicious smoothie and an absolutely gorgeous sunset — sign us up! You’re living the life, Tallia!

Ferocious Hair: We’ve never seen anyone rock such unique hair SO well! In her shoot for Stargazer, Tallia has never looked so fierce! Her galactic make-up and seriously-sexy hair has us thinking that Tallia is officially one of our face style icons!

You can see all of Tallia’s Instagram amazingness right here.

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  • Daisy McGee

    omg she’s my faveeeeeee