Sep 07

Here’s Every Single Nickname That Taylor Swift Calls Her Cat Olivia


Recently, Taylor Swift has been kept away from the world in total silence while preparing to unveil her new album Reputation. Because of this, we haven’t had many glimpses into Taylor’s personal life the way she used to give us… that is, up until now. Through her partnership with AT&T, Taylor Swift has been releasing little teasers for her Taylor Swift NOW content that have shown her doing typical Taylor things like eating cookie dough and hanging out with her cats. The best part of all this was getting an up close and personal view at the things Taylor says to Olivia.

Every pet owner knows how important it is to have an entire anthology of insanely cute things to call your pet whenever they do something particularly adorable. But leave it to Taylor to have the absolute cutest pet names for her cat Olivia! In the clip, Taylor cuddles Olivia while showering her with nicknames. “Are you a saber-toothed tiger cub? Are you my baby wolverine? Are you the princess of meowtown? Are you just a melting snowman? Are you just a sloth? Are you a little unicorn kitty cat? Are you my magical pegasus?” she asked Olivia the finally, “Do you wanna write some songs?”

Okay, we are totally stealing all of these nicknames from Taylor to call our pets. These are so imaginative and unlike anything we’ve ever called our pets before! Not only does Taylor come up with the best songs in music history, but she’s also epic at creating pet names. What can’t she do?

We still haven’t stopped freaking out about Taylor’s last question to Olivia. Is Olivia the secret behind Taylor’s songwriting success?! We guess we’ll have to wait until Reputation comes out to see if Olivia has any songwriting credits.

Popmaniacs — what pet names do YOU have for your animals? Tell us in the comments below!