Jul 02

Taylor Doesn’t Call Calvin By His Name


Looks like we can’t use the couple name “Talvin” anymore! Tay’s bestie Selena Gomez recently revealed during a radio interview that both DJ’s Zedd and Calvin Harris actually have the first names Anton and Adam, respectively. SAY WHAAA?! Selena dished what she said to each of the guys. “‘Look, you guys have two names. It really is frustrating. I need to know which name I should call you because I don’t know what is what. So I speak with the real names. Adam and Anton.” LOL — we totally agree, Selena! That must get beyond confusing to be friends with someone who has two different names! It’s pretty safe to assume that if Selena’s calling her bestie’s boyfriend by the name “Adam,” that’s what Taylor’s calling him too. We think that it’s totally sweet how Tay can have her own name for her bae — it’s like she has her own special name for him that separates their love from Calvin/Anton’s work life! But we’re dying to know — does Calvin have his own special name for Taylor?! And if he does, what is it?!?! Even they’re now “Tadam” instead of “Talvin,” we still think this power couple is cute — if not even cuter!! This is the happiest we’ve seen Tay in forevs, so we could care less if it’s with “Calvin” or “Adam”! We heart them regardless.