Feb 13

WATCH: Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Play The BFF Game


Every girl has a best friend. Actually, let’s rephrase that. Every girl NEEDS a best friend! And most celebs feel the same exact way.

Pop princess Taylor Swift and model Karlie Kloss are very public BFFs. And we find them TOO adorable for words. They’re constantly leading us to believe that they are the official cutest BFFs to ever exist in the history of BFFs.

Rumors were swirling last month that Tay and K were hitting a spring cover of Vogue — together! The ultimate BFF dream, right?! It actually happened! So exciting. The girls first Vogue cover together was just released — and it’s gorgeous! See it here.

Along with the girl’s cover shot, Vogue just released the most adorable bestie video that we’ve ever seen. In the video, we enter celeb-bestie heaven as the girls describe each other in one emoji. Then, the two blonde babes were told to talk to one another, at the same time, telling each other what they love most about each other. Awww! So much sweetness. After the kindness kick-off, the two have a fun staring contest. Which is, well, as amazing as it sounds.

See this hilariously-adorable vid for yourself:

Let’s also acknowledge the guest appearance by Olivia Benson (the cat!). Tay + Karli + Olivia = cuteness overload.

In case you need even MORE Tay and K smiles, check out the girl’s cutest Instagram pics ever together here, here, here and here!

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