Nov 01

The Double Braided Bun — Fall’s Wildest Trend


Ariana Grande always sticks to her half ponytail look, so if she’s trying this style, it’s gotta be good!

The latest hair buzz in Hollywood is all about double-braided buns. Everyone from Ari to Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus has rocked this look, both onstage and off. Are you into it?

The double-braided bun is perfect for a lot of things. At school, it keeps your hair out of your face. For a date, it’s the perfect mix of edgy, casual and cool. It might look difficult to style your hair this way, but it’s actually not!

To get double-braided buns, here’s what ya gotta do. First, separate your hair into two chunks. You’ll want the hair from the crown-down to stay that way (see Ari’s pic for an example). Then, you’ll take your hair from the crown and up to make the two buns!

Now just let your hair from the crown and down hang out. You’re done with that part. Grab the top half of your hair and separate it in the middle, like you would to make pigtails. Braid each side, then wrap those braids into a bun shape. Grab a band, wrap it around your braid, and voila! You now have the new signature style that Ari, Miley and Katy love to rock on stage…. and you did it yourself!

We think this style is edgy, but cute. And it’s totally unique, too. But we wanna know what you think!

Would you try this braided double bun look? Or is it just too wild for you? Tell us in the comments below!