Oct 20

The Vamps Third Album Is Already On The Way


Best. News. EVER. The Vamps have already announced that their third studio album is in the works, and their second album Wake Up hasn’t even been released yet! And not only are the guys writing their new music — they’re writing it while they’re on tour! This is exactly why we love the guys so much. They’re so incredibly dedicated to their fans, that they’re already writing their next album while they’re still on tour! “Writing for third album on the tour bus.” James tweeted out. If anything, this only makes us even more excited for Wake Up to be released on November 27th! So far, we’ve been loving everything off the new album, like their video for the title track “Wake Up.” If the rest of their new music is like this, we’re totally confident that Wake Up is going to be an amazzzzing album. Slash, their third album will be unreal too! We’re honestly just so relieved that even after The Vamps second album comes out late next month, there will be even more new music to look forward to. It’s seriously the best news ever!