Feb 25

Go Behind The Scenes On The Vamps’ Tour!


We’re not ashamed to admit that The Vamps song “Can We Dance” basically plays on repeat at the Popmania office. All day. Everyday. It’s just so good! The song was the guy’s first single back in 2013, and it’s still a pop classic. It’s from their debut album, Meet The Vamps.

We’re obsessed with the song’s official music video, and now we can watch the guys perform the oh-so catchy tune up close and personal during a recorded concert! The Brit boys just released a tour video that features a LIVE performance of the song. It’s just as amazing as you’d think it would be.

Not only does the video show the guy’s performing “Can We Dance” live, it also features the four cuties doing tons of adorable things backstage during their tour.

The video includes the following overwhelming cuteness: Connor Ball wearing overalls (shirtless, no less), James McVey having a giggle fest and Tristan Evans and Brad Simpson showing off some seriously-dorky (but still so cute) dance moves.

Want to check out the amazing video yourself? You can watch it (probably multiple times, if you’re anything like us), right above!

Also, didn’t you get butterflies in your stomach every time the guys hugged? We think it’s SO awesome that this foursome aren’t just bandmates, but they’re BFFs, too! Close friendships like these guys have are seriously rare in the crazy Hollywood world.

he guys hit the road again this spring (in April, to be exact) all over Great Britain. We can’t wait to they come back to US! Weneed to see the guys live!

OK, Popmaniacs. Did you watch the video? Did you love it?! Let us know! Also, we’re dying to know what your fave song by The Vamps is. Tell us in the comments below!