Sep 08

Get To Know This Boy That Girl!


Popmaniacs — meet our latest music obsession This Boy That Girl! Becca and Alec are legit the most talented brother/sister duo out right now, not to mention some of the sweetest people we’ve ever met! Becca sings while Alec raps and let us tell you, they’re amazing. We recently got the chance to hang out with the siblings and talk about everything from their music, to random facts about them! Get ready to become OBSESSED.

We decided to switch things up and have the siblings interview each other! It was so fun watching the two of them quiz each other! Becca asked Alec everything from what his nickname is, to what song he belts in the shower! When it was Alec’s turn, he asked Becca what her biggest fashion mistake was and other hilarious questions.

Our fave thing about TBTG is how they argue sometimes just like all other brothers and sisters. They couldn’t stop cracking up the entire time they interviewed one another and neither could we. Most importantly, we had TBTG spill all the deets on their most recent video and what’s next for the group! Don’t say we didn’t warn you that you’d become obsessed…

What was YOUR favorite part of our hang sesh with TBTG? Let us know in the comments!