Feb 22

Throwback Thursday: 4 Music Moments We Still Can’t Believe Happened


It’s Thursday, Popmaniacs! We love Thursdays for a million reasons. Not only is it almost the weekend (finally!) but it’s also time to reminisce about all of the crazy moments from the past. Every Throwback Thursday, we remember something that totally makes us go “OMG.” This week, we’re recapping the craziest moments in music that we still haven’t gotten over.

Zayn Leaving One Direction: This was hands down the music moment that shook the world. It turned out to be what was best for everyone — Zayn brought us some amazing solo music that made him happy — but it still made us so sad while it was happening.

Camila Going Solo: Speaking of band members leaving, we couldn’t believe it when Camila left Fifth Harmony. But we can’t imagine our lives without songs like “Havana” and “Crying In The Club,” so everything happens for a reason!

Selena Calling Off Her Revival Tour: We did not see this coming when it happened. The Revival Tour was the hottest tour of the year, so you can imagine our surprise when Sel called it off after a couple months. But the babe is back and better than ever with songs like “Wolves.”

The Taylor/Kim Feud: Ugh, Taylor Swift and Kanye West have been the most exhausting story of the 21st century. They go from friends to frenemies faster than Kim Kardashian changes up her look. That’s why the Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian call earned a spot on our craziest music moments list.