Jan 18

Throwback Thursday: Camp Rock, Hilary Duff And More!


Throwback Thursday is hands down our favorite day of the week. Here’s what we’re listening to this week.

“This Is Me,” by Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas: Demi sang about “Confidence” before the actual song came out. This track was perfect for Demi’s voice featuring her signature rock ‘n’ roll vibes. When Joe joined her for the ultimate duet, we were blown away.

“So Yesterday,” by Hilary Duff: This song off Hilary’s debut album Metamorphosis is still the best breakup song ever. Hilary’s voice sounds incredible in this power ballad filled with emotional lyrics. The lyrics really spoke about the process of getting over someone you like.

“Burnin’ Up,” by The Jonas Brothers: We wanted to be true rock stars like the Jonas Brothers after we heard this song. With Nick’s insane falsetto and Joe’s raspy voice, they were a match made in heaven for the track. This was just the start of our insane Jonas Brothers crush that is still here to this day.

“Hoedown Throwdown,” by Miley Cyrus: The Hannah Montana Movie featured epic songs and even more epic dance scenes. This song was our favorite of the entire movie! We even took the time to try and learn the dance moves for the song so we could dance along during the scene.

“Sneakernight,” by Vanessa Hudgens: Vanessa showed just how amazing her vocals were in every High School Musical song. When she started her solo career, this song proved it all over again. The hip-hop beat in the song is infectious and gets you dancing. When this song came on, we always tied on our light-up sneakers up, then sang and danced our hearts.