Apr 19

Vanessa Hudgens Is Making Her Return To Music (+ It’s Super Soon)


Do you ever wish Vanessa Hudgens had never stopped making music? Well, today is your lucky day! Actually, more like Friday, April 21 is your lucky day, because that the date that Vanessa is set to release a new collab that counts as her first official music drop in nearly 10 years. Crazy, right?

Vanessa is teaming up with cutie Shawn Hook on his new song, titled “Reminding Me.” V has been dropping hints about the song, like a 14-second black-and-white video to Twitter. Most of Shawn’s music is upbeat with pop rock and electronic sounds, but based on the clip this song sounds like it could be a much slower, sweeter piano ballad.

Further hints have taken the form of cryptic tweets like “How good it was, when we were crazy…” along with a picture of V spinning in a long dress, and another saying “All tangled in the mess…” Could these be song lyrics Vanessa is leaking? If so, it sounds like we might in fact be in for a slower, more dramatic song from the two singers. But we’ll have to wait until Friday to find out!

The last music we heard from Vanessa was in 2008, when she released her second album, Identified. We mean of course, not including the amazing duet she did with BFF Ashley Tisdale more recently for Ash’s YouTube channel. Since then, V has been busy with other projects, but we are so glad she’s finally returning to the music scene.

So does this collab mean that we will be hearing more from Vanessa in the near future? V admitted in an interview that she’s been “tinkering” with writing some new music and that she might “dive into [it] a little bit” after her role on the show Powerless. We would love to hear more new music from V in the future. Look out for her new song coming out this Friday!

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