Feb 27

OMG! Victoria Justice Has Pink Hair


Victoria Justice has totally become a new fashion icon to keep track of. At New York Fashion week, every outfit she wore was flawless. From bold blue fuzzy coats (which looked WAY amaze over that two-piece ensemble) to a totally stylish fringe-accented get-up (AKA probably our fave look yet), this fierce actress really can’t be stopped.

Victoria continued to be a trendsetter today on Instagram when she posted a photo with a hot-pink streak in her hair! How spunky is that? She posted it with the caption, “Did something different and fun with my hair yesterday! I love color. There are days when I want to dye my whole head some crazy color but I think I’m too chicken.” Check out V’s new look right below.


We’re totally obsessed with Vic’s fun, new hair! If there’s anyone who could pull off dying their hair a way bold color, it’s totally Victoria!

The beautiful actress just turned 22 a few days ago (Feb. 19), and seems to be doing all kinds of new and exciting things this year! Victoria is the lead in a show that just premiered on MTV, called Eye Candy.

It’s a bit of a change from her fun, peppy role on Victorious that we know and love. The new thriller-drama shows Victoria playing a tech-savy New Yorker who is out to find her sister and solve a mystery behind the guy she’s dating.

A little different and more intense than Victorious, right? But totally awesome that she’s taking on new roles! We’re super excited to see what else Victoria decides to do this year, and what other fashion trends she decides to start!

What do you think of Victoria’s new hair? Do you think she could pull off even more color? Let us know in the comments section below!


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