Mar 30

EXCLUSIVE: Violett Beane Plays Popmania’s Emoji Challenge


Major news, Popmaniacs — actress Violett Beane stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica recently for a super fun on-camera interview and it was legit everything. We could have hung out with The Flash star all day long. Not only is she even more gorg in real life (like, how is that even humanly possible?!), she’s also one of the sweetest celebs we’ve ever met. We could have hung out with her all day long. While Violett was in our office, she took our official emoji challenge! Ready for the best part? We’re sharing it all with you:

While Violett was in our office, we put her acting skills to the test with our official emoji challenge. Needless to say, V completely crushed it! We were seriously impressed by Violett’s facial skills. In fact, her emoji faces were so good that we’re dying for a keyboard in our phones of Violettmoji’s! Can you imagine anything better? Our texting game needs these. Especially while we’re texting our besties group chat during The Flash freaking out.

Popmaniacs — which of Violett’s emoji’s is YOUR favorite?! Tell us your choice in the comments below!