Aug 18

Watch Dove & Ryan’s Flawless ‘Honey I’m Good’ Cover


Dove Cameron and her boyfriend Ryan McCartan are ridiculously adorable together and their musical duets are proof of their love. Their latest cover of “Honey I’m Good” will make you want to play the catchy song on repeat even if you’re totally single.

If you didn’t already love this couple, their cover of Andy Grammer’s song will make you wish you were in a relationship as perfect as theirs. Seriously we’re a little bit jealous of the love Dove and Ryan clearly have. The video begins with Ryan kissing Dove on her head as she leans in and lays her head on his shoulder. Come on, that is so freaking cute!

The couple, who also play BF and GF on the Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie are not new to the world of covers. The pair has their own YouTube channel where they perform music covers together and where they make us envious of their musical talents and romance one video at a time.

This cover is a cool acoustic version of the song and with almost every line Dove and Ryan are smiling at each other, which is too cute for words. Dove really shows off her musical chops by taking the lead in the beginning of the song, while Ryan plays the guitar and kills it when his part comes up. Their joint singing in the chorus is flawless. To add to the cuteness, Ryan says, “I like you a little bit” at the end of the song after kissing his GF again. Then the couple breaks out in laughter. It is perfect.

In May 2015 Dove opened up about her musical ventures with her beau saying that their first music video for their band, yes they have a band together, was very special the to couple and it was going to be really good. “So much is happening. Ryan and I actually produced and starred in this video, so we really had our hands all over it. We hope everyone receives it well. It’s our own music, we wrote the song, we’re singing the song, it’s our first single, we’re doing it all at once,” Dove told

“We are also releasing the band name at the same time. So it’s like single, video, band name! In Hollywood you usually just show up and do your part, you perform, but this is really personal to us because we put so much work into it. We’re really excited and nervous for everybody to see it. There’s some dancing in it. It’s got kind of a dark theme. You know, it’s very Burton-y and theme-y and stylized, so it’s going to be really cool. I’m really excited,” she added about the video, which has yet to be released. If their band’s music video and first single is anything like this cover song, it is going to be fabulous!

What is your favorite part about Dove and Ryan’s “Honey I’m Good” cover?