Oct 12

WATCH: Jordan Fisher Drops His New ‘Mess’ Music Video


After way too long of a break, Jordan Fisher is back on the music scene with his brand new single “Mess.” We haven’t stopped listening to the track ever since he released it last week. Just when we thought that life couldn’t get any better, Jordan has sent us into new levels of fangirl with his music video for the song! It’s upbeat, it’s dancey, and it’s totally swoon worthy. Watch Jordan Fisher’s “Mess” music video here!

Everyone knows that Jordan is a triple threat. He can sing, dance, and act — and he does all of those things in this new video! All while looking totally dreamy. The video plays backwards which is so beyond cool, we’ve never seen anything like it before. Just when we thought there was nothing better than watching Jordan dance, watching him dance in rewind blew our minds.

In keeping with the song, the video shows Jordan losing his mind over an ultra-cool girl (who is basically our new girl crush FYI). Throughout the video, the two bust out the coolest dance stunts we’ve ever seen. This video takes us back to the days where pop videos were full of choreography — AKA the golden age of music videos. We love any opportunity to see Jordan flaunt his dance skills.

We’re more excited than ever for Jordan to release his debut album in 2018. This is only the first of the music videos to come — can you even fathom what he’ll do next?! One thing’s for sure — we hope he keeps on showing off his moves.

Popmaniacs — what’s YOUR favorite part of Jordan Fisher’s new music video? Tell us in the comments below!