Apr 06

Watch R5’s New Music Video!


Attention, all R5 fans: The amazing band has officially released their new music video! Yes, you read that right, R5 has released their latest video for “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” — and it is killer.

The video begins with hottie Ross Lynch (and his amazing new long hair) all alone as he starts to sing. After it zooms out, you can see bits and pieces of the rest of the band members (with cool colors over them). From Rydel Lynch’s cool rings as she play the keyboard to Riker Lynch’s guitar, the whole video is snapshots of the band with bright colors on top of the images — everything really pops!

When we do see the whole group together, it is like one giant party. Everyone from Ratliff on the drums to Rocky jamming out on guitar is having a total blast. So, how do we get in an invite to this awesome R5 party? Seriously, we want to join ASAP!

The new video is also very artistic and cool, which is a change for the band — the siblings-plus-BFF-group are known for outdoor video scenes and movie-inspired vids. This time around, the band kept it simple and yet totally interesting. Side note: we We are loving how long all the boys hair are. Rydel always looks good, but now all the guys are sporting longer locks, too, which is totally music-babe cool.

In addition to the bold colors and fun jam sessions, this video features some of R5’s best wardrobe choices. They all look like total rockstars with their leather jackets and skinny jeans. We’re so into their retro rocker vibe!

In other R5 news, the LA-based group is getting ready for their new movie, which will be in theaters for one day only this month. R5: All Day, All Night, will be in theaters on April 16, 2015 and will show everything from how the band started to some of their most iconic shows throughout their career. It is going to be amazing, so get your tickets now at Fathom Events.

What do you think of R5’s new video?