Mar 27

Watch Sabrina Carpenter’s Flawless Ed Sheeran Cover!


If you thought Ed Sheeran was talented (which he totally is), just wait until you hear Sabrina Carpenter’s flawless cover of his song! We know what you’re thinking — Sabrina is an actress, not a singer, right? Wrong! Although she is an adorable actress, she has a killer voice, too. Sabrina is signed to Hollywood Records and is releasing an album soon!

Sabrina might be known for her role as Riley Matthews’ (played by Rowan Blanchard) BFF Maya Hart (aka the Shawn to Riley’s Cory) on Disney’s Girl Meets World (which we love her in) but her musical talents cannot be overlooked. The 15-year-old star is amazing when it comes to belting out all kinds of music, but her Ed Sheeran cover of “Thinking Out Loud” is beautiful.

The Pennsylvania native takes a stripped-down approach to the popular song — and it is perfect. In addition to her voice, which is soft and powerful at the same time, the video is really cool. It is super simple, only showing Sabrina, a piano player and a backup singer. The whole thing is shot in black and white, which makes you focus on the lyrics rather than the typical visuals you’d normally see in a music video.

The rendition is sweet, simple and pays tribute to Ed’s original version — which was pretty spectacular to begin with. OK, so we know we said it’s all about the song in this video, but we couldn’t HELP but notice Sabrina’s killer wardrobe. She is rocking a white, boho-styled, long-sleeved dress with flower detailing on the arm and waist. It’s super cute!

If Ed’s music isn’t your style, no worries. Sabrina has done some amazing covers of other popular songs, including numerous Sam Smith tracks. Our personal favorite is her acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Seriously, it is ridiculously cool and different. See her Swifty cover here.

What do you think of Sabrina’s rendition of “Thinking Out Loud?”