Nov 01

Shh: What’s Your Hair Dream?


The day before a hair appointment, a lot of us do the same thing. We think… “this time is it…” this is the time when we finally do something totally crazy! We’re going bleach blonde after years of being too scared to take the plunge. We’re chopping off our long locks into a cute pixie once and for all.

But then, we get to our appointment and ask for the same thing — long layers, a trim and a highlight. Some might say it’s boring, but it’s our signature look! We can’t blame anyone for wanting to stick with the same hair cut and style. Every girl knows what works for her.

The point of doing your hair and makeup (or not doing it) is all about being confident and feeling great. So whatever makes you feel the best is what you should ALWAYS do. If that’s something dramatic, that’s fabulous. If it’s sticking with your usual length and color, that’s totally amazing, too! But everyone does have a secret hair dream.

Kristen Stewart says she’s always dreamed about shaving her head! She once told Into The Gloss that she’s “definitely” going to shave her head before she dies. We thinks he should totally do it!

Debby Ryan (who is pictured above), was a brunette for years, but always secretly dreamed about having bleach-blonde locks. The Jessie actress took the plunge and went platinum — and now she has revealed why! Debby went blonde in May 2014, then later confessed all her hair secrets to Teen Vogue

“If we’re being honest, I’m on a break from filming Jessie right now. And I’m actually a natural blonde, so keeping red hair is a lot of maintenance,” Debby told Teen Vogue. “The transformation happened to go hand-in-hand with the fact that I’ve been making an album for a year and a half. But really, this is the first time I feel like I’m not playing a character. I’m actually Debby.”

After dying her hair, Debby admitted to the mag that she had to change up her style, too! “I used to wear tons of black on black, which looks great on a redhead. But now that I’m blonde, it looks morbid! I’ve been switching it up with colors like sea foam and blue, and wearing lots of chambray,” Debby spilled to Teen Vogue.

Also, ICYMI, Debby’s new band is called Debby and the Never Ending. They’re amazing and you should totally check them out!