Apr 21

Why Don’t We Just Released Our Favorite EP Of 2017 — Seriously


We are freaking out, because pop group Why Don’t We just released their new EP! We have been loving the music from their last EP, Only The Beginning which came out late last year. But we are so excited to have five new songs on Something Different.

The songs on the EP include “Tell Me,” “Made For,” “Air of the Night (Smooth Step),” “Never Know” and “Something Different.” The group’s unique sound uses great pop beats, guitar and strong vocals to create a whole new music experience.

We love every one of their new songs. “Something Different” and “Air of the Night (Smooth Step)” are both catchy dance tunes you can play during a party with all your friends! “Tell Me” is a little sweeter, about trying to get to know a girl better. “Made For” is a track that is a little slower and super sincere and “Never Know” is a cool acoustic song that has a sound all its own. Basically, WDW just put out our favorite EP of 2017!

To celebrate the EP’s release, the group posted a little video to Twitter introducing it to the world. “We’re so proud of it, we hope you’re enjoying it,” said Daniel in the video. Other members of the group posted about the release:”I seriously can’t believe that we just dropped our second EP,” Zack captioned on Insta. “It’s such a dream come true. I couldn’t be more happy with this music and couldn’t thank you guys enough for everything!”

We’re so glad to see that Why Don’t We is still hard at work making music. We hope to see music videos for these songs soon! But we can’t help but wonder: now that Why Don’t We has released a full set of music from their two EPs, does that mean they might be going on tour soon?! We sure hope so!

What do you think about Why Don’t We’s new music? Let us know in the comments!