Dec 26

We Got EXCLUSIVE Tour Secrets From R5’s Photographer, Will Von Bolton!


R5 Family, we’ve got insanely awesome news to share with you. We got the opportunity to chat exclusively with R5’s tour photographer, Will von Bolton! During our conversation, Will answered everything from his fave tour memories with the band, to all about his new book Loophole to Happiness! Check out what he shared with us here:

Popmania: You’ve photographed tons of artists, including R5! What was working with the band like?
WB: I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of incredibly talented artists. I’m forever grateful for the experiences with R5. They took me all over the world and all became really good friends.

Popmania: Do you remember the first time you met the group? What was it like?
WB: I had just landed at the Tampa airport and got a text saying that they had landed a couple of gates over, and just start shooting. They thought I was paparazzi until I came up to them and introduced myself. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel that night and got to know each other while playing volleyball and watching The Lego Movie poolside.  

Popmania: Do you have a favorite memory from touring with them?
WB: I have a lot of great memories from tour! The first that comes to mind is filming the video for “Wild Hearts” as we took a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for Rocky’s 21st birthday. Just a lot of great times and conversation.

Popmania: Is there a fun fact about their tour that fans might be surprised to learn?
WB: They have extra mics to talk with each other and crew during the show. I wore in-ear monitors with Ross’s mic, so I could always hear what was going on and be in on the jokes. 

Popmania: Lastly, tell us about your new book, ‘Loophole to Happiness’!
WB: I wanted to develop a philosophy that is simple and reason based, that you can read in 10 minutes. “Loophole to Happiness” is a 585-word, operating system for your mind. Each of the 150 pages have a simple phrase that reacts to being human. If one phrase can change a life, a collection can reprogram one.

Popmaniacs — Loophole to Happiness is in stores January 1, 2018!