Mar 24

#PopmaniaTBT: Selena Gomez Auditions For Her Disney Debut Role


Popmaniacs — it’s Thursday! Not only is it Friday Eve, but it’s most importantly #PopmaniaTBT! Every Thursday we resurface a video from one of our favorite celebs when they were younger. Get ready for *MAJOR* nostalgia.

Before Selena couldn’t keep her hands to herself, she was an adorable kid absolutely killing it in a reading for her defining role on Wizards of Waverly Place! Even though Sel is so itty bitty in this video, her personality is still huge. It was seriously fate that she got this role. Can you imagine the series without her?! WOWP would not have been the same show we obsessed over for years. It’s legit one of our all time favorite shows, and it’s all because of Selena.

This is seriously making us want to binge-watch every. single. episode. of Wizards of Waverly Place. We couldn’t miss this series more if we tried! We’re planning on spending the rest of our Thursday watching reruns and listening to Selena Gomez & the Scene. Basically, today’s going to be the best Throwback Thursday of all time.

Popmaniacs, what do YOU think about this Wizards of Waverly Place throwback?! Let us know in the comments!