Aug 17

You NEED To Watch Echosmith’s Disco & Puppy-Filled New Music Video


Prepare yourself for cuteness overload! Echosmith’s music video for “Let’s Love” is all about puppies and Prom! Yes, we said puppies and they are SO cute. Trust us, you’re going to want to watch this video on repeat.

For those of you who don’t know, Echosmith is a ridiculously awesome Indie band made up of four siblings, which we can’t help but love. The group consists of Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jamie Sierota and they are all awesome. So for this music video we were expecting something totally great and the band did not disappoint.

The video starts out with the whole band inside what looks like a high school gym. They are all dressed up and Sydney, the lead singer, looks stunning in her shimmery, gold and orange romper. Right away you get a very Prom-like vibe and it is perfect. Oh and there are giant disco balls everywhere. Plus the boys are rocking tuxedos, which is so Prom it hurts.

As the song goes on (it is very catchy BTW), the group rocks out even more as a fireworks light show fills the walls and balloons start dropping from the ceiling. It is basically all the awesomeness you’d imagine at Prom in a music video, which let’s face it is pretty cool. PS: There are bubbles! In case you needed another reason to want to throw a giant dance party that is even better than Prom could ever be, they add bubbles and make all your dreams come to life.

Then come the puppies and feathers. Yes, you read that right, there are not only puppies, but puppies playing and sliding around on feathers that have hit the floor. You feel like you’re at a giant sleepover (with pillow fights that result in feathers flying) that includes puppies.

We actually can’t stop smiling while watching this video and all its glory. Come on, there are puppies for goodness sakes, what’s not to love? Spoiler: Two puppies kiss and it is glorious.

After watching the video, what is your favorite part? Besides the adorable dogs, because we already called that moment!