Jul 16

5 Times Zendaya Took The Biggest Fashion Risk – And Was Completely Flawless


Zendaya is the most fashion forward artist of this generation. She’s tried insanely incredible outfits, hair that’s out of this world and makeup looks we are obsessed with! It doesn’t matter if she is hanging out at home or hitting up the Met Gala red carpet, she makes literally anything look stunning. Here are five times Zendaya took huge fashion risks that totally paid off:

Met Gala 2017: Zendaya turned heads in this amazing outfit at the Met Gala this past May! She wore Dolce & Gabbana dress in yellow with floral and animal details. Her orange lips and absolutely amazing hair is what stole the show. Zendaya created this look by brushing and teasing out her curls to create a relaxed afro look.

Golden Goddess: The red carpet is the place to show off everything like a new haircut, beautiful dresses and all things glam. This red carpet look featured Zendaya in a gorgeous golden dress that fit her body perfectly. She paired the ensemble with a faux bob wig that no one but this queen could pull off!

Blonde Pixie: We are getting major Halle Berry vibes from this picture of Zendaya. With her leather jacket, beautiful leotard and jeans, this girl has gone edgy and we adore it. She wore a blonde, pixie cut wig for some time and it honestly looked incredible on her! Although fans freaked, Zendaya reassured them it was a wig and that she loves trying out new, crazy hairstyles.

Mixing Patterns: We always thought that mixing patterns was a fashion no-no, but once again Zendaya proved us all wrong. Her two sequins pieces work perfectly together with different floral and striped patterns. Paired with an incredible updo and statement earrings, Zendaya looks like a true star!

Bad Girl Zendaya: Rihanna better hold onto her style because Zendaya is coming in hot with a look that totally reminds us of the “Wild Thoughts” singer. This 90s inspired outfit is giving us major hip hop vibes that look amazing on Zendaya. We would definitely love seeing this style more on this talented babe.

Which of Zendaya’s looks if your favorite fashion risk Popmaniacs? Let us know in the comments below!